Words to live and die by

Words to live and die by

May 7th, 2012 saw the Progressive Liberal Party returned to the government of The Bahamas for a third non-consecutive term and for the second time The Hon. Perry Christie will take the mantle of Prime Minister of the Nation.  

His core comments were:

“This was a magnificent victory we won today. Now that the general elections are over, the hard work begins. Great challenges will lay ahead, but with God’s grace and the support of the Bahamian people we will overcome the challenges and restore peace and prosperity to our beloved land.

#“This has been a bitterly contested election. Now that it is over, it is time for national healing to begin. We must all come together Bahamians and work in unity and with common purpose to take our country to the great heights that beckon us now. To the good people of Centreville, I thank you for once again putting your faith in me as your representative. And to you the members and supporters of our great party who have fought so valiantly in this great campaign I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great victory tonight.”

There are a multitude of issues to handle and twice as many promises to keep. So we can say his work is cut out for him and his team. Let’s hope they can accomplish what they’ve said the set out to do.

My only issue is this, whenever someone says “I’ll do my best” I consider it a disclaimer or pre-excuse for failure. 

I like how Yoda said it in Empire Strikes Back, “NO TRY, DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY”





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